About Us

Our Story

We founded Kimcox, Inc. in 2018 to provide high-level accounting and tax services for small businesses. In the realm of small business accounting, we knew small business owners needed more – more time to focus on building their businesses and more flexibility when it came to their books.

From the start, we knew the typical 9-5 workday wasn’t enough to fully support small businesses. Since then, Kimcox has evolved into a full-service accounting and business consulting firm. We not only provide accounting advice and tax services for small businesses, but we also partner with our clients to help them grow and succeed in their field. By assisting and, in some cases entirely absorbing, the day-to-day financial and accounting operations for our clients, we can streamline small business operations and take over the heavy lifting for business owners so they can focus on building their businesses.

Through the years we’ve found that small business owners want more than just monthly or quarterly accounting services – they need a dedicated business advisor that is just as involved and passionate about their business as they are.

Company Mission & Vision

We began our journey with the goal of helping small businesses succeed by offering affordable, customized solutions that enable our clients to run their businesses effectively while having access to our team. We prioritize collaboration and efficiency so we can better serve our clients. To do so, we embrace technology, which reduces waste and helps the environment.

Kimcox is expanding to fit an ever-growing list of business needs across the country, and has the adaptability, flexibility, knowledge, and technology to tackle these challenges head-on. By priding itself on being an entirely new type of business consulting and accounting firm, and not limiting itself to what services it can provide, Kimcox embraces change and can handle even the most robust challenges that businesses and individuals face. By inspiring, guiding, and embracing change, we help our clients achieve goals they may never have thought possible. By bringing the utmost business and accounting knowledge to the table and sharing this vast repertoire with our clients, we are able to build lasting relationships and inspire future generations of business leaders.


Kimcox, Inc. is a strong supporter of small businesses.

Core Values

Kimcox’s core values are imbued in all of its daily operations, and we work hard to let our clients know that they are an important part of what makes us unique. These revolve around the following key ideas:


Kimcox prides itself on being honest by providing a flow of information and communication, both incoming and outgoing. Our primary goal is to provide you with insights and resources that help our clients make informed financial decisions.


Kimcox goes above and beyond any traditional accounting firm in helping its clients succeed by ensuring that every client is served by the expertise of our whole firm. We are dedicated to superior, personalized service – having extended business hours and staying on top of technical and financial trends is just the start.


Kimcox’s work is based on trust, so the firm operates with only the utmost integrity and expects employees and clients to operate at the same level of professionalism. We are committed to not taking advantage of any client in any situation.


Our team truly cares about our clients, which is why we are team players and treat the success of a client’s business as if it were our own. We often develop genuine friendships in our client-business relationships.